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I‘m Alex and this is my amazing boyfriend Richard.





We both moved to Texas this past year to pursue our dreams. He has aspirations to be a firefighter and as for me… 3 weeks ago I got my dream job as a Web Designer.


I’m going to be taking over this blog for the next few weeks for an exciting reason!


I am 1000% positive my boyfriend is going to PROPOSE!!!


No, no, no I know what you are thinking. “Alex slow down, how can you know for sure?”


Well, my sweet boyfriend and myself have been together for 2 1/2 years. There isn’t anyone else I want to be weird or silly with.❤️





Also, my grandmother told me she has given him the family diamond. 😅


I strongly believe it will happen within the next month. We have this exciting surprise trip planned and well… I want to look and feel beautiful!


My Med Spa came up when I was looking for places to get a ”refresh”. At a certain point your skin needs a little help.


The plan is to get the dress. Get treatments to tighten and smooth anything we can. Then make him look at me and smile like the luckiest man in the word, as we walk into the sunset. 🌅


But, I need some help.


My Med Spa has stepped in to help me get my body Proposal Day READY!


For reference, I have always had an athletic build, been active, and go to the gym 4-5 times a week and wanted some extra help.


However, I need help this time around with stubborn cellulite and rolls. I eat clean, count macros, and only drink water with a cup of coffee in the morning. Yes, I indulge in a cheat meal but never in excess.🙈





Somehow my body isn’t changing. So I enlisted Nicole from My Med Spa and we are trying Cryo T-Shock. Today, I had my first Cryo T-Shock treatment.


I had four static pads with the wand: 2 static pads on my love handles, 2 on my upper back, and the wand, alternating sides, for my stubborn bra bulge.


The static pads do not hurt. Think of sitting in an ice bath. Eventually your body adjusts or goes numb to the cold.


Forewarning with Cryo: the machine alternates between hot and cold to shock your cells to an untimely, and welcome demise.


The only, ONLY, part that is uncomfortable is the adjustment from cold to hot on the final setting. I would equate the shock in temperature to being slapped on a sunburn. 😫


But it only happens at 1 point during the procedure, with the static pads, and lasts no longer than 34 seconds!


Lastly, Nicole ended the treatment with the wand on my neck to iron out wrinkles set in from my office job.


For optimal results we finish on a shaking machine to loosen up cells killed during the alternating heat and cold from the Cryo wand.


The results speak for themselves.


Left is what my neck looks like after treatment. My source of insecurity is being ironed out by a tiny wand operated by a woman named Nicole.


I cannot thank Nicole and My Med Spa enough for being able to organize these treatments with this much success.


Stay tuned for my next post with more information on Cryo and my starting measurements.

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