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Hello again,


My name is Alex and this is my newest update on my treatments at My Med Spa.


First let me just celebrate that after my measurements my bra band size went down 1.2 inches!


How exciting is that? I have only had one treatment on the bra bulge so far and it has made so much progress.


Disclaimer: not everyone’s results will be the same. I work out 4-5 times a week lifting weights and eat a macro balanced diet. Also, I drink a lot of water to help the Cryo machine do what it’s meant to.




Today’s treatment was focussed on my neck and legs.


On my neck we went a little higher with the wand today at my request. My face has become puffier than it once was.



Don’t get me wrong I have a the same bone structure and my grandma’s cheeks. But there used to be a lot less ”puffiness” around them cheeks.


I spoke with my technician and we went over the possible drawbacks of thinning my face.


There is a chance my round cheeks could fall and I could lose my dimples.


That‘a scary but once the risks were explained I gave the go ahead to sculpt my neck and lower half of my face today.


A little before and after:




The left (above) is after the treatment with the Cryo wand.


Now, not everyone will have the redness or puffiness that I do after procedure. Do not let it scare you.


To be candid I have a skin allergy where I am allergic to pressure on my skin (uticaria dermatographic). A fancy way of saying pressure sometimes causes my skin to become raised, red, and uncomfortable.


Do not think this will happen to you or scare you from trying this treatment.


Let’s talk legs-


I got my first treatment on my overly powerful thighs. I lift fairly heby at the gym but still have this visceral cellulite in the way of showing my gains.


So, today I got hooked up to 4 static pads.





This is all going on simultaneously. I am receiving treatment on my neck for the folds and deep lines while my legs are being static shocked with the static pads.


From the photo it looks uncomfortable but it really isn’t.


Consider if you have ever been dumb enough to stand in the rain. Your fingers become so cold you feel tingling sensations. You freak out your going to lose your fingers and run them under hot water and it hurts as the blood and cells warm up and start to move.


That is how it feels on the leg cellulite. Your skin becomes cold and is heated quickly to shock those cells to death. NOT PAINFUL, just mild discomfort around the last cold session when it turns hot for the final time.


Personally, I think this machine is the devil.




The difference is the shaking machine at My Med Spa shakes you on a standing platform back and forth. As your body stabilizes you it’s basically a simulation of a run.


The purpose is to aid in lymphatic drainage so you get the most out of the Cryo treatment.


I personally hate it with a passion because it causes my legs to get super red and itchy from the blood flow (similar to my skin allergic reactions).


It works… I hate it… but it works.


That’s the end of my second appointment adventure. The next appointment I believe will cover arms.



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