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Today, during measurements, we had exciting news.


I lost an inch a piece on my lower legs. We measured upper and lower thighs and it was the lower thighs I had lost an inch.





The left picture (with the black shirt) is my after. There is noticeable thinning, especially when you look at the area above my knee. 1 inch down after one treatment.


My upper thighs had no measurable improvement but feel thinner in the thigh rub. When I go run at the gym my thighs usually rub uncomfortably but yesterday when I went I was excited because I didn’t get the thigh rub rash I normally do!


Also, my boyfriend noticed so that’s a win for me.


Today’s appointment was about sculpting the neck and arms.


My arms already lost half an inch since my first measuring from lifting weights and training arms. With that said, I am excited to see what using the wand on my arms will do while I continue to make my own improvements in the gym.


My neck after today’s visit is very red but the lines are almost completely dissipated.



Ignore my errant hair on my neck but I am extremely happy with the results taking away my “tech-neck” lines.


Next week we begin to tackle the abs.


For reference, I have been able to achieve abs on my own before. It took a lot of work and counting macros.



The left was 2 years back. I was working out less than I do now but I was also two years younger. The middle is now.


The far left is baby Alex and how my stomach looked from high school until college when I really started to work out. If I’m not working out so heavily I’m a mix between the far left and right.


The far left isn’t easy to achieve and requires a very, very low bad fat percentage. Wanted to share for reference to my body structure and I hope my slight embarrassment helps anyone else who might want washboard abs. (They are extremely hard to maintain with diet for some women).


Until next time I am signing off.

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