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Today, I plan to combine my Tuesday and Thursday appointments.

For Tuesday, we tackled the abs. The abs are hard as women. We have that necessary, visceral fat layer around our midriffs to protect our reproductive organs. Losing that little pouch is difficult as our bodies are not wired that way.

Alex’s Journey
Alex’s Journey
Alex’s Journey

As a reference my pictures from last week’s post.

Far left is two years ago, middle is present, and far right is when I was a sophomore in high school ( you can spot my high school crush to the back left of me).

It takes a lot to thin out that middle section so I am really hopeful for the Cryo T-shock treatment to carve out the sides of my abs again. I know I have my hard work from working out and eating well hidden beneath and am waiting for the next results from measuring.

If you don’t see results you either are not avoiding alcohol, not drinking enough water, and not trying to stay away from fast food to help the process. The machine can only do so much and if you aren’t putting in the work to the results will falter.

That said I purchased collagen as a powder supplement at the behest of Nicole and will be checking my skin’s progress before the big proposal.

Thursday, June 10, was the day to once again, tackle the upper and lower back with Cryo. My genetics or hormones decided to give me some excess skin.

The first time we Cryo-zapped my back I lost an inch off my band size. The cellulite there is still classified as fibrous and we used the correct setting on the machine for eliminating it.

For those that are new or more interested in Cryo:

When you make that first consult appointment to measure you, you are also measured with a tiny film that registers what level of cellulite or body fat you have.


This map is the guide to customize the machine to the settings you need for your specific region for treatment.

What I will say for this process is that sometimes you can’t measure a difference in results with measuring tape but see them. Other times you don’t see the results but the measuring tape shoes you that you lost that inch or inch and a half.

It is a process that kills the fat and cellulite you can’t get in the gym. So for Cryo I recommend going by gym rules:

It takes 1 week to feel a difference, 2 weeks for friends to notice, 3 weeks for you to notice, 4 weeks for everyone else.

I definitely recommend progress photos at 7 day intervals because as women we are our own worst critic.


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