Cryo T-Shock Static Pads FAQS

What does it do?

The Pagani Star T-Shock Cryo Treatment is a non-invasive treatment that can remove unwanted fat or cellulite, reinvigorate loose, aging skin or turn back the clock on your face, neck and decollete!  


Only the Pagani STAR T-SHOCK delivers the ability to multitask on a client. Through sophisticated software, operators can elect to automate a fat or cellulite reduction and simultaneously perform a face/neck/decollete or toning treatment.


Where is Treatment Performed?

This device can treat all body parts.  Want to target bra fat, batwings, love handles, inner or outer thighs, tighten your knees, de-wrinkle your decollete', lift your neck, lift jowls, tighten the skin around your eyes, hands, stomach? 


How Long Do Results Last?

Results vary.



We recommend drinking 24 ounces of water following the treatment to facilitate lymphatic drainage and we require vigorous exercise post-care as well.  We do provide a 24-36 oz. water at checkout for clients. 


Estimated Cost

$600 for static pads $225 for facial wand and $400 for body wand (per session, per body part) 


How Long Do Treatments Last?

Results vary.  Clients of the spa are seeing impressive results.  We are more than delighted to show you some of their results.


Are You A Candidate?

We require a consultation for this treatment.



-No Botox of Fillers for four weeks prior to a facial

-Anyone undergoing dialysis, having any type of kidney disease & anyone with only one kidney should not have a fat or cellulite reduction treatment

-Anyone with active cancer or undergoing chemotherapy should not have a fat or cellulite treatment

-Anyone with an untreated abdominal hernia should not have any fat reduction treatments in that area

-Severe diabetes- loss of sensation on the skin

-Varicose veins



2 fat reduction sessions

10 fat reduction sessions


5 fat reduction sessions

5 fat reduction sessions