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Yes, I agree....we have been thru a lot lately. Clients are telling me they feel they have aged at least 5 years during COVID. We've either gained weight, lost weight or just drank ourselves silly during COVID.

If you have lost weight, you are looking in the mirror and wanting to tighten things up. You see things you are not accustomed to. You might be looking at your face and saying, "I look tired." "I look old." "I look mad.". MY MED SPA has a solution for you.

If you gained weight, you are probably unhappy with how clothes are fitting you, you've been wearing sweats or yoga pants every day and it's time to go back to the office and you can't button your pants. MY MED SPA can solve this problem too.

How & What:

Weight Loss- we have skin tightening treatments. We offer CRYO T-SHOCK which can tighten, tone, slim, lift, contour and much more. We are the only location in Texas (at this time) that offers CRYO T-SHOCK with STATIC PADS. This device is a game changer. We also offer Exilis which uses radio frequency to tighten & tone. Plus we even have VIORA V30 which can also tighten skin, reduce fat and eliminate the appearance of cellulite... we also suggest a few sessions of Lymphatic Drainage.

You've lost weight, you want to firm things up..face, neck, stomach, abs, thighs, calves, bra fat, love handles and even muffin top? Our devices can be used in conjunction with injectables to give you close to instant results. We suggest treatments in 3's and 5's for optimal results. You can't just get one CRYO face lift or jowl lift and expect it to last forever. We suggest: microneedling with radio frequency to increase collagen and elastin production. Palomar (factional and non-fractional) laser treatments, Vampire Facial (using your own PRP- plasma rich platelets), Laser Genesis, Skincare, WIQO (unicorn treatment). You stop producing COLLAGEN around age 35. You also begin the real aging process at 25. You lost some weight and now we need to get you over the finish line...

Weight Gain: you've gained a few pounds, you hate the way you look and feel, we are here to help.

We have several treatments that will help you get those pounds off....

Emsculpt- because building muscles helps to burn more fat. Emsculpt is a muscle building device seen all over the internet. Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy and many other "celebs" love Emsculpt. 22,500 crunches, 22,500 calf raises, 22,500 squats, 22,500 biceps curls... it takes 30 minutes to grab a treatment and we suggest 6 sessions booked within a 2-week timeframe. Cryo can burn your fat, reduce cellulite, tighten skin, tone you, lift jowls, give you a neck lift and even get rid of that double chin.

We also offer: liquid facelifts with Vivace microneedling and WIQO. Liquid Rhinoplasty, Jawline contouring, chin contouring and much more. We offer Kybella, an injection that literally MELTS FAT !

We also offer a medical weight loss program. Our program is medically supervised. We require you to sign a contract. We don't take this part of our treatments lightly.

We offer sublinguals, IM (intramuscular) shots and other solutions. Ever heard of KISSPEPTIDES? We can combine the supervised medical weight loss program with our devices to give you optimal results. But, you must have a medical evaluation and follow our policies and procedures for our medical weight loss program.

Stop hating on yourself.

Start taking care of yourself.

Make this the year of you !


MY MED SPA wants you to be ok with you. If you want to make a change, make a change. If you are happy, stay happy.

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