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It’s the age old question. What spa treatments can I get done in the summer? We all love our facials, our laser treatments and the results we get in the Fall, Winter and Spring. But what about the Summer?

Summer time is sun, fun, chlorine, travel, poolside sunbathing, beach time, lounging and… aren’t you supposed to stay OUT of the SUN when you get a laser treatment?



Let me ease your mind.

You may or may not have a vacation planned, you may or may not plan on spending time in the sun. But let’s just say, as long as you get sun in moderation, wear sunscreen and even a wear a cute straw hat with a wide brim you will be just fine.

Lasers have come a LONG way and they are safer than they used to be, but…you still have to follow the rules….

Something that is never optional is, staying out of the sun and/or avoiding the sun before a laser treatment, especially a LASER HAIR treatment. Please, AVOID sun exposure and tanning two weeks before and two weeks after a laser hair removal treatment — period. “OMG, that is like almost the whole summer”

The problem is the sun makes skin more sensitive to heat, and using a laser on heat sensitive skin can cause hyper-pigmentation, burns and even scarring.

We do not want you to ever experience hyperpigmentation and we never want to burn or scar you. Help us help you get the best treatment.

When deciding “WHAT BODY PART CAN I GET TREATED WITH A LASER?” Let’s take a quick look at what parts of our bodies are exposed the most to the sun. If you are a committed runner or outdoor enthusiast, and you know you live in the sun, you won’t wear a hat and you always run with a tank top on, let’s avoid treating those exposed areas with a laser if we can, just for the summer (JUNE & JULY and maybe a little bit of AUGUST). Want to get a bikini treatment or maybe treat your underarms? The answer is YES! These areas are less prone to sun exposure and the areas to focus on if you are someone who chooses to enjoy the summer sun.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO IS TO WEAR SUNSCREEN. Why are you booking a treatment with a laser to eliminate sunspots, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles if you aren’t going to at least wear an SPF 30 to protect your investment? Your skin is your biggest organ and it needs the most protection. How many older people have you seen with skin damage, thick skin on their faces or brown spots on their forearms… they loved the sun too. Who doesn’t love feeling sun-kissed, looking like we spent time lounging around on a beach and looking like we don’t have a care in the world? Sometimes getting a great spray tan is the answer. We want you to look and feel amazing, we just don’t want you to have any sun damage.

Just a thought…

Because laser hair removal opens your pores, your skin will be extra vulnerable and susceptible to infection following a treatment, so you’ll want to take certain precautions while waiting for your skin to heal.

Don’t laugh but... this is the perfect excuse to skip a day or two at the gym. Please do not go to the gym, use a sauna, get in a jacuzzi or go swimming in the ocean or jump in a swimming pool for at least two days. Give us two days and then it is completely safe to exercise and get your sweat on. Oh wait… one more tiny detail... Please… refrain from exfoliating your skin for at least five days following a treatment. So toss those shower loofahs, sponges and body scrubs to the side until your skin has had ample time to heal.

If you take these suggestions to heart and follow the rules you will get the results you want, avoid damage or issues, and you will be able to get on with your summer the way you planned it out.

Here are some treatments you can consider in the summer:

HYDRAFACIALS- Just one of the “favorite treatments” at My Med Spa… not only on your face but have you considered your back? If you are wearing more skin revealing clothes and you want gorgeous, glowing, vibrant skin, consider a BACK-CIAL. Be acne free on your back especially if you are applying SPF all over… Perfect treatment in conjunction with a simple Esthemax Jelly Mask.

CHEMICAL PEELSMy Med Spa offers many levels of Chemical Peels for our clients.

VI PEELS, IS PRO PEEL 2, IS PRO PEEL 3 and many others. Depending on what you want to target or the results you want, chemical peels are a great solution and replacement to lasers. Chemical Peels come in a range of strengths, from “lunchtime” peels that result in few to no side effects and offer a quick complexion boost, all the way to deep chemical peels that you’ll want to have done long before you plan on heading to any special summer events. The stronger the peel, the more facial peeling you can expect, so plan your peel with your summer schedule in mind. Want one that goes super deep and you peel like a snake but end up with an amazing complexion and baby smooth skin? Want to shed years off? Ask about our Chemical Peels. My Med Spa offers an amazing SECRET Product called MAGIC ERASER! Magic Eraser is a prescription-grade take home product to use morning and night, not only to prepare your skin for planned treatments, but they also suppress melanocytes and suppress brown pigment in your skin. Sometimes just using our Magic Eraser product can replace a laser treatment entirely!

CRYO treatments- My Med Spa offers CRYO Anti-Aging Facials, CRYO Eye-lifting treatments, CRYO Jowl lifting treatments, CRYO Neck Lifting treatments, CRYO Toning and tightening CRYO aging hand treatments, CRYO T SHOCK with Static pads for FAT reduction and CELLULITE elimination treatments, SKIN tightening, CRYO knee lifting treatments, CRYO decollete’ treatments, CRYO skin brightening treatments, CRYO slimming treatments and much more! My Med Spa offers Star Cryo T SHOCK with STATIC PADS by Pagani and at this time My Med Spa is the ONLY location in TEXAS to offer this device and we are getting SOME AMAZING RESULTS. Think of COOLSCULPTING and TRU SCULPT technology BUT NEXT LEVEL!!! Clients are fighting to get their appointments scheduled and bringing in friends and spouses to get their treatments too.


OXYGENEO facial or back-cial- This device and this treatment make all the ladies swoon. You have to try it. Better than BASIC microdermabrasion, the perfect way to soften the fine lines, wrinkles, treat dry skin, exfoliate and make your skin look sun-kissed and… you actually look like you are walking around with a SNAPCHAT filter. Dry or damaged skin can quickly develop an uneven texture. Daily exfoliation can help, but exfoliating at home isn’t always enough, plus home exfoliating treatments can be too harsh on the skin and only increase the damage… come see us and let us pamper your skin and let you relax and unwind. Ask for OXYGENEO by name.

BOTOX, DYSPORT, XEOMIN, LIP FILLERS, CHEEK FILLERS- Jawline Contouring, Liquid Rhinoplasty, fixing Marionette Lines and many other treatment options are perfect for your summer time plans. Never had injections? Want to find out what to expect? Let’s get you booked for your consult and consider your plan of care. Many different options, brands, results, steps in treatment and of course… what results do you want and what expectations do you have? Let’s sit down and talk. Injections range from a few hundred dollars and can be done every 90 days or you could spend a thousand dollars or more and the results can last 1-2 years or longer. Not everyone wants injections but it never hurts to get a consult and discuss options in case you want to prevent wrinkles and want immediate results. A great way to save on injections is by adding the manufacturer’s “REWARDS PROGRAM” app on your phone and every treatment you get you earn dollars direct from them. ASPIRE app, ALLE’ App… and much more. When you come in for your custom consult with one of our talented providers, they will tell you what product will be the best for you. When they tell you the product rest assured, there is an app for saving on your treatment. You can even earn points for your very first treatment and you save RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT at CHECK OUT.

MICRONEEDLING WITH RADIO FREQUENCY with VIVACE a VAMPIRE FACIAL with REJUVA PEN- (No radio frequency) add your own PRP (plasma reich platelets) ..perfect summer time collagen and elastin fixes. Also consider non-fractionated OR fractionated skin rejuvenation treatments with Palomar 1540 or Palomar 2940. Maybe even grab a skin tightening, face contouring treatment with Exilis (also uses Radio Frequency) and heat to get you some pretty amazing results. What about a VIORA V30 treatments? VIORA V30 offers IPL, Hair Removal, Skin Tightening, Fat Reduction, Cellulite Treatments, Lip Plumping using radio frequency NOT injections, Eyelid lift with radio frequency and much, much more.

My Med Spa offers many devices that not only compliment each other, help you layer different technologies for optimal results, but also offers you options and strategies you might not get at other med spas.

Here’s a thought… maybe you’re not be ready to get a facelift, but nonsurgical facial rejuvenation might just be the right solution for your needs. While a facelift typically addresses advanced signs of aging, My Med Spa offers at least 7 different devices that use radio-frequency (RF) energy to address the following complexion concerns:

  • Loose, sagging skin
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin bulges
  • Hooding around the eyelids
  • Sagging jowls or loose neck skin

*******We consider ourselves Innovative Educators who want to make sure you know about the tools we offer so you can make informed decisions about your treatment options.******

Summertime is the BEST time to get your consults done, prepare a treatment plan, schedule out exact appointments for your treatments and get your treatments done.

Remember when you couldn’t wait to go back to school after Labor Day to see all your friends because you had a great new outfit to wear and you wanted to show it off… Get that giddy feeling again.

You will be so excited when you get your treatments done and your friends ask you out for lunch. You’ll be in your closet looking for the perfect outfit to wear and those amazing shoes to match.

My Med Spa clients tell us that when they get their treatments done and they see their results, they are the ones calling old friends and posting on social media to show off their age-defying skin. We even have clients who tell us they are going make-up free for the first time in 15 years. Men wearing pants they haven’t been able to get into, moms getting their PRE-BABY BODIES back. Many of you are going back to the office for the first time in a year due to COVID, heading back out without a mask on your face and now you are panicking realizing you needed to be getting treatments done… do not stress! We are here to help, you will get amazing results and… You can do this!

Get your “giddy” back. It’s time for you to shine and turn back time.

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